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Our Moringa Oleifera powder is registered and considered beneficial for horses for several reasons.  Proven effective to preventing horses from tying up and is an essential amino acid metabolite.  Also provides essential micro-nutrients, minerals, trace elements, Phenylalanine, Vit B1, B7, Magnesium and Selenium to meet the demands of the horse.


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Moringa Oleifera powder is considered beneficial for horses for several reasons[1][2]. Here are some of the potential benefits of incorporating Moringa Oleifera powder into horses’ diets:

  1. Increased endurance and stamina: Moringa Oleifera powder may help improve horses’ endurance and stamina, allowing them to perform better during physical activities[1].
  2. Joint health support: It is believed that Moringa Oleifera powder may aid in relieving arthritic joint discomfort in horses[1].
  3. Lactation support: The powder may potentially increase lactation in lactating mares[1].
  4. Relief from eczema: Moringa Oleifera powder might help alleviate symptoms of eczema in horses[1].
  5. Improved blood health: It is suggested that Moringa Oleifera powder may be beneficial for horses with anemia as it may potentially help improve blood health[1].
  6. Enhanced bone density: Incorporating the powder into the diet might help increase bone density in horses[1].
  7. Enhanced immunity and well-being: Moringa Oleifera powder may support the immune system and overall well-being of horses[1].
  8. Digestive health support: Regular consumption of the powder may help with regular bowel movements in horses[1].
  9. Liver protection: There is evidence suggesting that Moringa Oleifera powder may have protective effects on the liver[2].

It is important to note that while these benefits are mentioned, individual results may vary, and it is recommended to consult with a veterinarian before making any changes to a horse’s diet.


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Specification: EQUINE POWDER 10kg

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 45 cm



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